Our Fascinating, Mind-Boggling Universe

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Not much amazes me more than outer space.  There is so much we, humans on Earth, do not know or comprehend about our universe.  Every day, scientists learn and discover new information to help make advances in our understanding.  Although we do know quite a lot from sending out rovers, astronauts, and looking through telescopes, we will never know everything there is out there.  Nothing could be any more jaw-dropping and intriguing in my eyes!

For all we know, there could be more than one universe!  Additionally, it is guaranteed that there is life elsewhere in the universe, whether it be in our galaxy or not.  The part of this that is somewhat frightening is how different they must be from us.  I always imagine how they might look, communicate, what they would wear, their technology, and what they eat.  The possibilities are endless and I wonder just how similar the other life forms could be to us on Earth.  It’s almost impossible to imagine what the life could be like.

One thing pertaining to the topic that I really enjoy is watching space movies with my uncle!  We have watched Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian (the absolute best movie I have ever seen- no question)!  Since my curiosity about outer space is so abundant, I always pause the film and ask my uncle questions, for he studies space.  I find it extremely difficult to wrap my head around all of the theories and logic about the unknown.  In conclusion, our universe truly is completely mind-boggling and utterly fascinating, and I can’t wait to learn more as NASA discovers more and more information!

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Blogging Challenge Week 5 Activity 4

I explored 5 blogs of students from other countries!  On their blogs, I read their posts about popular foods where they are from.  On these posts, I commented, “Hi!  I love your post; it was very neat to see the different cultural, popular foods in your country!  What do you eat for breakfast most days?  My blog url is miaroub.edublogs.org!”  These are the blogs that I commented on:



Blogging Challenge Week 5 Activity 1

A popular food in my country is a hamburger. They originated in 1900 in Connecticut, and they were made by a Danish immigrant, Louis Lassen.  Hamburgers are simply cooked meat patties served between two pieces of bread called “buns”, usually accompanied by cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms, bacon, and/or other toppings and condiments.  I love hamburgers!

I found this information on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamburger .


Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 6

This post is in my native language, German:

Dies sind nur einige Dinge, die Sie möglicherweise nicht über mich wissen! Ich liebe zu reisen! Im vergangenen Sommer, ging ich auf einer dreiwöchigen Reise nach sieben verschiedenen Ländern! Ich habe einen älteren Bruder namens Jacob, und er ist der beste Bruder der Welt! Ich würde gerne an die Stanford oder UCLA für die Hochschule in die Zukunft zu gehen. Meine Inspiration ist meine Mutter. Sie schlug Brustkrebs im letzten Jahr! Sie ist die stärkste Frau, die ich je getroffen habe und sie ist erstaunlich. Meine Freunde sind fantastisch und sie helfen mir über alles. Sie sind die besten Menschen auf dem Planeten, und ich bin so froh, dass die größten Freunde zu haben, die ich immer lachen, lächeln, und stellen Sie das ewige Erinnerungen mit!

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Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 3

My father told me a story about his parents, my grandparents.  It goes as follows:

My grandparents were both born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1941.  Their fathers, my great-grandfathers, worked together as milkmen.  When they were toddlers my Grandpa Bryan actually pushed by Grandma Judy off the front porch while she was sitting on her tricycle.  Fortunately, she wasn’t badly hurt!  My great-grandfathers stopped working together a few years later and lost touch with one another.  However, when my grandparents were 19 years old, they were introduced to one another at a party.  My Grandma Judy came home that evening and told her dad that she had met a boy named Bryan Roub.  My great-grandfather then told my Grandma, “That’s Bernie’s boy!  Marry him!”  They began dating each other at that time and on June 19, 1965 my grandparents were married.  They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this summer! During the time they got married, Martin Luther King Jr. was working toward equal rights for all races, no matter one’s skin color.  This picture is courtesy of  240 × 255 – geni.com .


Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity 5

Something that I have learned from using images on my blog is that it is not always safe to upload pictures of myself and others online.  I never know who might see the pictures and obtain them from my blog.  For this reason, I must always be careful and think twice before posting an image.  Additionally, I need to make sure I have permission from others in my pictures before I post them, for they may not want to appear online.  Their personal choices need to always be respected an kept in mind,

Blogging Challenge Week 4 Activity 1

To dress up my blog for Halloween, I used an image from https://pixabay.com.  I found a picture of pumpkins piled over one another and thought this would be a fantastic and suitable image for my header!  I chose a picture of pumpkins for Halloween because I wanted to keep my blog welcoming and friendly, so ghosts and vampires would not have been a very smart choice!