Our Fascinating, Mind-Boggling Universe

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Not much amazes me more than outer space.  There is so much we, humans on Earth, do not know or comprehend about our universe.  Every day, scientists learn and discover new information to help make advances in our understanding.  Although we do know quite a lot from sending out rovers, astronauts, and looking through telescopes, we will never know everything there is out there.  Nothing could be any more jaw-dropping and intriguing in my eyes!

For all we know, there could be more than one universe!  Additionally, it is guaranteed that there is life elsewhere in the universe, whether it be in our galaxy or not.  The part of this that is somewhat frightening is how different they must be from us.  I always imagine how they might look, communicate, what they would wear, their technology, and what they eat.  The possibilities are endless and I wonder just how similar the other life forms could be to us on Earth.  It’s almost impossible to imagine what the life could be like.

One thing pertaining to the topic that I really enjoy is watching space movies with my uncle!  We have watched Gravity, Interstellar, and The Martian (the absolute best movie I have ever seen- no question)!  Since my curiosity about outer space is so abundant, I always pause the film and ask my uncle questions, for he studies space.  I find it extremely difficult to wrap my head around all of the theories and logic about the unknown.  In conclusion, our universe truly is completely mind-boggling and utterly fascinating, and I can’t wait to learn more as NASA discovers more and more information!

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5 thoughts on “Our Fascinating, Mind-Boggling Universe

  1. Madi Esmailbeigi

    I totally agree! Our solar system is a mysterious place and we don’t even know everything. I like the way you thought out of the box with this topic.

  2. G’day Mia,
    I love the way your passion for the topic shines through in this post.

    Just one pointer, your image attribution has to be precise rather than I got them through Google images. I right clicked on your first image, then chose search Google for this image. I clicked on the image in top left corner and lots more images appeared. I went to usage rights and chose labeled for reuse. Suddenly none of the images were available. This means someone has copyrighted the image.

    As you are using an Edublogs blog, you should have an inbuilt image selector called Compfight. It is a plugin that your teacher has probably setup for you.

  3. Alex247

    Mia, if you love the universe than you should really look up theories about quantum psychics that shows many interpretations of the universe. I think you should look up the basic string theory which I think is the easiest to understand, and don’t even get me started on the Many Worlds Interpretation.

  4. hmsnaho

    Hi Mia,
    I am Naho from the group blog, Hongwanji MS ElA in Hawaii, United States. What a great post! I agree with you, space is very mysterious and surprising. Like you said, there could be more than one universe. I guess that there is 50 universes, but I am not sure, it is just a guess. What do you think? How many universes do you think there are?

    This is the link to my blog.


    Thank you,

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