Blogging Challenge Week 5 Activity 1

A popular food in my country is a hamburger. They originated in 1900 in Connecticut, and they were made by a Danish immigrant, Louis Lassen.  Hamburgers are simply cooked meat patties served between two pieces of bread called “buns”, usually accompanied by cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms, bacon, and/or other toppings and condiments.  I love hamburgers!

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6 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Week 5 Activity 1

  1. hmszach

    Dear Mia,

    I love burgers. They are so good. What else is popular where you are?

    Sincerely, Zach

    • miar

      Hi Zach!
      Other foods that are popular are pizza, smoothies, and french fries!

  2. 20carmbm

    Hey Mia!
    Where I’m from hamburgers are very popular! We eat them at cookouts and get together’s! What else is a popular food where you’re from?

    • miar

      Other popular foods are french fries, pizza, and any juice or smoothie that you can think of!

  3. ciarral20

    Hey Mia!
    I also wrote about hamburgers for my blogging challenge because they’re very popular where i’m from to.

  4. Danielle

    Hi Mia,
    Wow. I didn’t know that hamburges were 1900 in Connecticut. Is there any other food that is popular were you live?

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